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Drug Discovery from Natural Products – Licensing and Partnership Opportunities

Phytochemical analysis in Jabbarzadeh’s lab is closely linked to the development of new therapeutics leads and the elucidation of reaction mechanism. The medicinal plant-based drugs can be developed to multi-targeting approaches in a number of ways including enhancement of immune system, inhibition of telomerase activity and induction of apoptosis in cancer cells. We have developed a number of high-throughput screening assays to determine the potential of novel natural bioactive compounds. This work has led to a portfolio of provisional patents. Please contact Professor Jabbarzadeh for further information.

Technologies – Drug Discovery

Entrepreneurial Engineering MS Degree Program

Dr. Jabbarzadeh serves as the Director for the 1-year Master’s Program in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering. The goal of this program is to inspire and nurture the culture of innovation in students in STEM fields. The student learning outcomes for the new degree program included:

Understand the fundamentals of technology prototyping, legal protection, market sizing, business plan development, and capital raise.

(i) Communicate effectively across the entire enterprise and contribute in multidisciplinary teams.

(ii) Lead entrepreneurial process including ideation, feasibility analysis, and management of organizational resources.

(iii) Apply corporate innovation strategies including the assessment of commercial viability and transformation into business plans.

(iv) Analyze the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, and entrepreneurial contexts.

(v) Identify alternative career possibilities in the context of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The program includes an integrated curriculum of  (i) 24 credit course work in technology prototyping and validation as well as business creation and innovation, (ii) new venture creation projects, and (iii) entrepreneurial immersion module. For more information, please click on MS in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering.

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