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Ehsan Jabbarzadeh

Ehsan Jabbarzadeh serves as the Director of Entrepreneurship at the College of Engineering & Computing at the University of South Carolina. Dr. Jabbarzadeh’s research laboratory focuses on the use of natural compounds to modulate inflammation with applications in regenerative medicine and cancer drug discovery. His doctoral thesis focused on the design of gene delivery strategies to promote blood vessel formation in biomaterials for bone regeneration. His postdoctoral research delineated the role of surface morphology and mechanics in lineage specification of embryonic stem cells.

Dr. Jabbarzadeh also serves as a consultant analyst to investment firms where he uses his domain expertise in drug discovery to assess idiosyncratic risks and probability of success in response to catalyst events such as FDA approval. His interests lie in navigating through pipeline clinical safety-efficacy data to discern the potential of a treatment modality to pass through the FDA hurdles and get adopted by patients.

Current Positions

Director of Entrepreneurship (2016 – Present)

College of Engineering & Computing, University of South Carolina

Associate Professor (2016 – Present)

Department of Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering program, University of South Carolina


MBA, Finance & Entrepreneurship (2015)

University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, CA

Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010)

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 

Ph.D., Chemical & Biological Engineering (2007)

Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

B.Sc., Polymer Engineering (2002) 

Amir Kabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Maria Yanez

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sara Moghadam

Postdoctoral Fellow

Maria Piroli

Graduate Student

Wesley Talyor

Graduate Student

Christopher Wu

Undergraduate Student

Callie Mccarty

Undergraduate Student

Name Degree & Date of Graduation Position after Graduation

Katherine Rutledge

Greg Harris

Qingsu Cheng

Marina Pryzhkova

Marc-Olivier Blais

Doctorate, 2016

Doctorate, 2015

Doctorate, 2015

Postdoc,  2013

Undergrad, 2013

Scientist, Nephron Pharma

Postdoc, Princeton University

Postdoc, Lawrence Berkeley Labs

Scientist, John’s Hopkins University

Product Development Engineering, Pryzmian Group

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